800 Pixel 10 Foot LED Wall

LED technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Recent advancements allow for individually addressable pixels in a massive array.

In 2013 I built a 10 foot by 3 foot LED wall with 800 pixels. With pixel is paired with it's own chip to facilitate communication. The wall utilizes DMX multicast over Ethernet from the computer to the controller. A Leap Motion via OSC allows for some limited interactivity. The frame rate is fast enough for video.

IMG 4919 from lasermike on Vimeo.

The wall is featured on the front page of the Seattle times!
And the Microsoft Garage.

That's Ben Gilbert who runs the Garage and has been super supportive. Last year Ben somehow set up a meeting with Sir Mix-a-lot to talk about the LED wall. Mix was interested in new types of stage lighting and asked us a ton of questions. He turned out to be a nice humble guy.

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