Laser projector

As a kid, I loved laser light shows. Thanks to the internet I was able to learn how to build my own RGB laser projector that can scan 30,000 points per second.
Here's a shot of the projector with the enclosure open.
At the 2011 Garage Science Fair my projector won the People's Choice Award.

There are a few different types of laser shows. Graphics shows are vector drawings projected on a surface. Lumia is when the laser light scatters through a semi-transparent medium such as warped glass. I tend to gravitate toward beam shows in which the projection surface is the open air. Here is an example beam effect from my projector.

2013-04-18T15-06-45 1 from lasermike on Vimeo.

Having a laser has had advantages that I did not forsee. Since they are novel and somewhat rare, I have been invited to do laser shows at all kinds of events from concerts to corporate parties. This photo is from an outdoor concert with Captain Gravel that we put on in 2012.

I once emailed a DJ named Phutureprimitive who was coming to town and asked him if I could do a show with him. He was psyched.
I have gotten a lot of professional experience doing light shows all over the city and across the country. I did enough shows to learn that the hours are terrible. Lighting guys get home at 6am... I love my day job.

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